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On trial: blood-letting in Silicon Valley

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

The world listened to the trial of Elizabeth Holmes, Stanford graduate and former CEO of Theranos - the once vaunted billionaire start-up of Silicon Valley.

How the mighty fall. Not that the average onlooker could detect any hint of remorse or hubris in the defendant’s demeanour.

It was everyo else’s fault - from ineffective workers to misinterpreting regulators to her wayward boyfriend.

Ms Holmes would argue that oy an am it’s fmale who tried too hard is on trial.

The jury saw through it all. Found guilty on several fronts, Ms. Holmes is due for sentencing in September.

The world waits. Will she be treated differently as a special Silicon Valley case? Will she be made an example of to ensure no more corporate misconduct, misrepresentation, and wilful fraud? Or will she go the route of Ghislaine

Maxwell in New York - another woman but this time facing the sentencing stick of Judge Alison Nathan.

It‘s not an easy one to call. Sentencing is subjective and context-specific. Will the misdiagnosed Theranos patients get theor day in court again?

The world waits. While impatient for casual observers. this decision is the difference between a longer life behind bars and not seeing her new child - or not.


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