Commercial  & Behavioural Solutions 


Reputation Mgt & Communications

Global Brand-building Strategy

Profile & Purpose

Brand Positioning

Reputation Governance 

Message & Storytelling

Modernizing Image

Crafting Identity

Thought Leadership 

Culture Change, Ethics & Conduct 

Changing Employee Behaviour 

Diagnosing Hidden Risk 

Managing Change  in M&A

Conduct Measurement
Building Inclusive Cultures

Motivating Speaking-Up 

Creating Psychological Safety

Embedding Values

Behaviour Research & Insight 

Behavioural Analytics

Customer & Employee Preferences

Scenario Testing
Loyalty & Retention Triggers
Human Product Design

Choice Architecture
Digital & MarTech Tools


MindEquity Academy

Power, Influence & Persuasion 

Reengineering Reputation 

Changing Customer & Employee Behaviour

De-biasing Group Decisions

Inside the Discrimination Mind

Negotiating without Emotion

Achieving Psychological Safety

Building Team Resilience

Navigating Uncertainty

Building A Personal Brand 

Strategy & Transformation

Strategic Planning 

Stakeholder Communications

Process Re-engineering 

Phased Globalization 

Leveraging Client Distribution

Organization Restructuring   

Budget Optimization

Pitching to Boards

Sports Marketing 

Marketing Strategy

Property Selection

Rights Negotiation

Sponsorship Activation

Fan & Media Engagement

Campaign Management

Partnership Management

Campaign Measurement