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How to Motivate Employees to Speak Up published in Harvard Business Review

Evidence-based white paper based on MindEquity's REFRAME model, outlining 7 strategies to motivate employees to speak up. Read here...

5 February 2021

On Behavioural Grooves Podcast - Serial Killers, Whistleblowers & Fake Memories

A fun podcast with Kurt Nelson and Tim Houlihan about misinformation, serial killers, whistleblowers, false memories & music. Listen Here.

31 January 2021

At the Executive Institute: Predictable Error in Brand & Business

MindEquity speaks at the Executive Institute to world-class brand leaders on techniques to Avoiding Decision-Making Errors in business. 

12 January 2021

MindEquity on Consciously Unbiased Podcast Creating Allies for Women

An amazing group of women with real-life stories of how to become better allies to women and what stops us.  Listen here

10 December 2020

White Paper on Fake News and Flawed Decisions among Habit Weekly's 'Best Articles of the Week'

Delighted to share innovative research into how fake news creates fake memories to accelerate decision risk. Featured among HW's 'Best Articles of the Week'. 3 nudging strategies outlined. Read more..

12  October 2020

MindEquity Guest Speakers on the Brainy Business Podcast in the US 

MindEquity speaks to Melina Palmer on the Brainey Business Podcast about the world's first independent professional Association for Applied Behavioral Scientists, with colleagues. Read More...

9 October 2020

MindEquity Co-Founds world’s first Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists

MindEquity is proud to be a Founding Member of the world's first independent professional Association for applied Behavioral Scientists. Advised by Nobel-prize winner Daniel Kahneman, social psychologist  Robert Cialdini and Jennifer Lerner of Harvard. Read more.

1 September 2020

MindEquity Judges Gender Equality Award with Laureus Sport and Comic Relief

MindEquity was among leading sport and philanthropic bodies to select the 2020 Gender Equality Collective Impact Award. Beyond Sport is supported by Comic Relief.

15 September 2020

MindEquity Interview with Money On the Mind

MindEquity was featured in a Money On the Mind interview following some of the field’s most distinguished behavioural scientists.  Read here.

10 August 2020

MindEquity Critiques Rory Sutherland's Alchemy at BeSci Book Club

MindEquity invited to critique Rory Sutherland's book Alchemy. He argues that logic is over-rated by business who miss key innovation opportunities by neglecting psychology hacks.

3 August 2020

MindEquity Advises New Athletics Ireland Campaign

Athletics Ireland launch the '#IAMARUNNER' campaign to increase participation in sport during a pandemic, activating the power of labels and identity.

10 June 2020

MindEquity re-elected to Inclusion Advisory Board at The Football Association

MindEquity Founder re-elected to the IAB which is focused on alleviating discrimination and inequality at both elite and grassroots level in English football.

1 April 2020

Coaching Oil & Gas Executives on Avoiding Predictable Mistakes in Business 

Dozens of Executive Leaders gained insights and practical techniques to avoid decision error, reduce predictable mistakes and build business resilience.

4 November 2020

Featuring on Alumni Voices  at Harvard Kennedy School's Leadership & Decision-Making module

A former HKS ExecEd alumni, Nuala Walsh shares insights into how understanding judgement and decision-making science impacts brand and business. 

25 October 2020

MindEquity Assists MSc Programme  at London School of Economics

MindEquity facilitated the 2020 Organisation Behaviour module at the Executive Masters in Behavioral Science Programme led by Professor Grace Lordan.

10 January 2020

MindEquity Completes Brand & Behavioural Strategy at European Retail Bank

Using established brand and behavioural frameworks, MindEquity conducts strategic reputation and leadership review to enhance organisation positioning and culture. Recommendations implemented.

31 May 2020

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