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Into The Mind: A New Fund Order? 

Into the Darkside of Fund Management with the New Fund Order podcast and JB Beckett. Listen here.

18  October 2021

MindEquity Presents at Business Psychology conference


Among stellar line-up at ABP annual conference about purpose in a Post-Covid world.

30 September  2021

The Expert Curse Published in Forbes   


Your expertise can cripple your career. Avoid predictable error using behavioural science.  Read here.

26 August 2021

Keynote - Asian Entrepreneur Association

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Keynote speaker at Golden Bahaina Entrepreneurs Association, Hong Kong’s first chamber of commerce for female entrepreneurs.  

18  August 2021

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Appointed to The FA Council 

Nuala Walsh appointed to English football's The FA Council and named  Deputy Chair of the Inclusion Advisory Board. See here

6  August 2021


Visiting Speaker at LSE Behavioral Science Program

Presenting my research on Organizational Culture and Speaking Up to executives. 

30  July 2021

Asset Managers Forgotten in Fintech: MindEquity Debates With CFA 

Mountain Drone

Lively discussion for the UK CFA Institute with JB Beckett and Oran Kaplan on limited applications of digital in investment industry.  Click to view.

15 July 2021

Workplace Whistleblowers: A Brainey Business Podcast 


Only 1% Blow the Whistle at Work—How to Fix That. A podcast with Melina Palmer. Click here.

5 July 2021

Visiting Speaker at Harvard Kennedy School 


Delighted to be back at the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School as a Visiting Alumnus for the 2021 Leadership Programme. A superb teaching panel.

25 June 2021

Interviewed by BBC World Service

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Guest speaker on  special report into responses to sexual harassment based on my research. Linked with Gretchen Carlson story. Click here.

21 June 2021

 Featuring at Invesco's Annual ESG Debate


MindEquity joins a distinguished Invesco ESG panel to discuss the role of corporate governance, equity, and social impact.  

18  June 2021

 Forbes Expert Panel on Innovation


Appointed to Forbes Business Council, shared views on Innovating  to meet evolving consumer needs, using insight. To read, click here.

15 June 2021

 MindEquity Interviews For US Ethics Series

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Interviewed for Speakfully series which aims to  reduce organizational misconduct and promote speaking up. See here.

15 May 2021

MindEquity Participates in HSBC Conduct Week


Featured with HSBC Investment Banking team and consultants to share behavioural insights applied to conduct management.

10 May 2021

 Appointed to Advisory Board of Executive Search firm  JD Haspel


MindEquity joins Advisory Board of pedigree global executive search firm JD Haspel with executives from HSBC, Barclays and Santander. See here.

2 May 2021

MindEquity Features at Italy's Bocconi University


An outstanding panel with Tim Ward and Professor Norbert Schwartz discussing causes and contributors to misinformation. For  summary, click here...

28 April 2021

MindEquity Moderates for The International Tennis Federation


MindEquity interviews Olympians, ministers, executives at JAL, BNP and ITF, following Billie Jean King. See clip or full interview.

19 April 2021

MindEquity is Back at the LSE

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Articulating the rapid global progress of GAABS to practitioners at  the London School of Economics. 

13 April 2021

The Future of the Global Investments Industry?


MindEquity interviews the most senior leaders from the investment industry including Allfunds, Revolut and moneyhub.com.  Provocative and punchy. 

28  March 2021

Maximising Sales Effectiveness in the Airline Industry


Applying behavioral science techniques to boost commercial outcomes through influence and persuasion strategies.

25 March 2021

MindEquity discusses strategic approaches to  organizational Whistleblowing  

TGIM MArch 2021.jpg

How to make people more comfortable to speak up in organizations and how companies might best respond.

15 March 2021

Debating Equality in Business with McKinsey at the LSE BS Society

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How can Behavioral Science help? With McKinsey and the LSE SU Psychological Science Society 

9 March 2021

KeyNote Speech on Changing Customer Mindsets in Investments Industry

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A full complement line-up from Financial Services.

23 March 2021

GAABS with NYT Bestseller Steve Martin

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Fun interview with Behavioral Grooves legends, talking industry direction and classic mistakes.

20 March 2021

Man up! MindEquity and Amazon at The London Business School 


The 21st London Business School and Women in Business event, with opening address by Senator Elizabeth Warren, hosted by Professor Peterson.

5 March 2021

What Mergers Can Learn from Behavioral Science 


MindEquity was a Visiting speaker, outlining the biases companies neglect at due diligence and integration. Scientific-based strategies.

1 March 2021

At the Executive Institute: Predictable Error in Brand & Business


MindEquity speaks at the Executive Institute to world-class brand leaders on techniques to Avoiding Decision-Making Errors in business. 

12 January 2021

Consciously Unbiased Podcast - Creating Allies for Women

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A powerhouse of women with real-life stories of how to become better allies and what stops us. Listen here

10 December 2020

White Paper on Fake News and Flawed Decisions among Habit Weekly's 'Best Articles of the Week'


Delighted to share innovative research into how fake news creates fake memories to accelerate decision risk. Featured among HW's 'Best Articles of the Week'. 3 nudging strategies outlined. Read more..

12  October 2020

MindEquity Guests on the Brainy Business Podcast in the US 

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MindEquity speaks to Melina Palmer on the Brainey Business Podcast about the world's first independent professional Association for Applied Behavioral Scientists, with colleagues. Read More...

9 October 2020

Coaching Oil & Gas Executives on Avoiding Predictable Mistakes in Business 

oil tanks

Dozens of Executive Leaders gained insights and practical techniques to avoid decision error, reduce predictable mistakes and build business resilience.

4 November 2020

Featuring on Alumni Voices  at Harvard Kennedy School's Leadership & Decision-Making module

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A former HKS ExecEd alumni, Nuala Walsh shares insights into how understanding judgement and decision-making science impacts brand and business. 

25 October 2020

"Motivating Employees to Speak up" published in Harvard Business Review


An evidence-based white paper based on MindEquity's REFRAME model, with strategies to motivate speaking up. Among HBR Editors Weekly Top Picks. Read here.     

5 February 2021

MindEquity Grooves On Serial Killers, Whistleblowers and Fake Memories


A fun podcast about misinformation, serial killers, whistleblowers, false memories and music. Listen here

31 January 2021

MindEquity Co-Founds world’s first Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists

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MindEquity is proud to be a Founding Member of the world's first Association of Behavioral Scientists. Advised by Nobel-prize winner Daniel Kahneman, Robert Cialdini and Jennifer Lerner of Harvard. Read more.

1 September 2020

MindEquity Judges Gender Equality Award with Laureus Sport and Comic Relief


MindEquity was among leading sport and philanthropic bodies to select the 2020 Gender Equality Collective Impact Award. Beyond Sport is supported by Comic Relief.

15 September 2020

MindEquity Interview with Money On the Mind


MindEquity was featured in a Money On the Mind interview following some of the field’s most distinguished behavioural scientists.  Read here.

10 August 2020

MindEquity Critiques Rory Sutherland's Alchemy at BeSci Book Club


MindEquity invited to critique Rory Sutherland's Alchemy. He argues logic is over-rated by business who miss innovation opportunities by neglecting psychology hacks.

3 August 2020

MindEquity Advises New Athletics Ireland Campaign

MindEquity re-elected to Inclusion Advisory Board at The Football Association

Athletics Ireland logo 2 (2).png

Athletics Ireland launch the '#IAMARUNNER' campaign to increase participation in sport during a pandemic, activating the power of labels and identity.

10 June 2020


MindEquity Founder re-elected to the IAB which is focused on alleviating discrimination and inequality at both elite and grassroots level in English football.

1 April 2020

MindEquity Assists MSc Programme  at London School of Economics


MindEquity facilitated the 2020 Organisation Behaviour module at the Executive Masters in Behavioral Science Programme led by Professor Grace Lordan.

10 January 2020

MindEquity Completes  Strategic Review at European Retail Bank

Image by Josh Appel

Using established frameworks, MindEquity conducts strategic reputation and leadership review to enhance positioning and culture. Recommendations implemented.

31 May 2020