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The 7 Deadly Sins of Behavioural Scientists!

In an emerging field, an interesting depiction of the seven deadly vices that both Behavioural Scientists and Consultants are exposed to - and contribute to!

Compiled by Richard Bordenave of BVANudge.

Pride: Pontificating on the power of BeSci, labeling “nudgees” as irrational, lazy, biased… as if we were above or immune to it. Gluttony: Inventing a new quirky bias to explain retrospectively behaviour - including faking data to make a catchy story. Envy: Focusing on peers, and looking for fame in a small community, instead of showing the outside world more about the great things BeSci can do!

Greed: Claiming concept paternity, defending siloed knowledge (BE,neuro, socio..), instead of building bridges to address the complexity of behaviour. Sloth: Commenting on the world from an office instead of challenging assumptions in the field and listening to the wisdom of those doing what works. Lust: Seeking prestige and privilege of influencing political power, instead of staying humble and collaborating with other stakeholders. Wrath: Blaming some for not doing real science, or others for ignoring how things work in business, instead of acknowledging that these 2 worlds have a different purpose & can cross-fertilize.


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