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MindEquity Co-Founds New Association

MindEquity is delighted to be a Founding Member of the world’s first Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists (GAABS).

✔ This is a major step forward for the growing but currently unregulated field of applied behavioural science. This professional body provides an important independent stamp of legitimacy for practitioner.s providing protection for brands, employees and consumers.

✔ This is the world's first professional body representing the interests of applied behavioural scientists and providing a Code of Conduct to regulate practice.

✔ GAABS' seal of approval for eligible members signals reliability to commissioning firms and promotes ethical conduct. A critical step for reputation management in behavioral science consulting.

✔ The Advisory Board includes leading figures in the field including Nobel prize-winner Daniel Kahneman, eminent Harvard Professor Jennifer Lerner, PhD and Influence guru and NY Times best-seller Robert Cialdini

✔ The founder of MindEquity is also appointed as a Non-Executive Director of GAABS.

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