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Smith and the Best SmActor Fallout

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

It's a noble thing to defend your wife - or is it? Most women would be pleased that a man would rush to her defense but perhaps not in Will Smith's case.

Gripped by a sudden urge to slap Chris Rock in the face for making a joke in poor taste about his wife's loss of hair. Referring to her bald head, Chris said, “Jada, I love ya. G.I. Jane 2, can't wait to see it.”

Jada Pickett Smith was seated beside Smith who laughed then saw his wife’s disgust and leapt up.

The whole world now has their attention firmly drawn to a cosmetic situation she was already grappling with.

Will Smith will rue that day for a long time to come. The greatest pity is this was Smith's moment to shine.

It's not every day you are up for an Academy Award Oscar. Smith was nominated for his performance in the film 'King Richard' about the father of tennis stars, the Williams sisters. He was clearly so highly-strung on the night and so tense to see if he had won, his emotions were riding too high. And he snapped.

With not much time to gather his thoughts, he returned to the stage minutes later to collect the Best Actor award and said he “reacted emotionally.”

HIs System 1 urges ruined the best day of his life - an opportunity to celebrate with the Williams family and his own. What's more, he embarrassed himself in front of his peers, was reduced to tears and shock at what he had just done rather than what he had just won.

Everyone weighted in. Even Mike Tyson thought it “pretty interesting. Since then, Smith addressed the matter on Instagram the next day and maintained a low profile ever since.

He lost his prestigious rights from the Academy and is a standing joke in many circuits. Even Netflix is said to be reconsidering bidding for the rights to the story of his life.

He will always be remembered in Holywood folklore - perhaps not for what he should be.

No matter the circumstance, like many before him, he now knows that it takes just seconds to lose a reputation.


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